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"I found working with Graeme at Cloud9 to be not only beneficial to taking my music to the next level and producing tracks to a release standard but also a learning process watching a professional producer/engineer work in a studio environment. One of Graeme's most desirable skills for me is the ability to transfer what i'm describing, understand it and make it come out the speakers. An enviable talent of taking a minute to do what would take me hours of tweaking and experimenting if producing at home. No matter what level you are at be it complete novice with a passion to make music or a competent bedroom producer requiring that final polish to your tracks i highly recommend both Graeme and Cloud9"

Nik Muzka

(Sonic Academy / Rocstar Records)

"Cloud9 offer a professional recording/engineering  service right at the heart of the city. . .their creative input and incredible state of the art facilities make them first choice for any act wishing to develop original concepts through to completion.pass them up at your peril!"

Darren McAlleese


"I have always found Cloud9 Studio's to offer a comfortable and creative environment for honing any musical productions. Working with Greame L now for near on 15 years has been and continues to be a joy to watch a serious professional at the top of his game continously striving for perfection"

Chris Cargo

(Worldwide various)

"Having worked with Graeme at the studio for a long time now I honestly wouldn't dream of going anywhere else.

I produce a lot of tracks and remixes in my own studio and then bring them in to Graeme who then adds those magic final touches that give my tracks that perfect finish to send to the many record labels I work with, labels who all demand high end production. I would have no reservations in recommending  Graeme and the studio to any of my industry friends and colleagues"

Jay Kay

(Kinky Vinyl / Thompsons Belfast)

"My experience at Cloud9 has been truly amazing, I kick-started my producing career with the help of Graeme back in 2008 with a track called "Fever" which was immediately picked up by Pete Tong for his Fast Traxs show, It got to number two in his competition and was signed to his Bedroom Bedlam label, the success of Fever got me recognized by Threesixzerogroup's "AND Press Label Management" who asked me to do a remix for Seb Fontaine and Jay P which was released on Monotype. Since then I have remixed for Sonny Wharton, Jay Kay  and most prominently for Tom Novy & Eniac, I remixed a track of theirs called "Pumpin" which came out on Kosmo and went on to dominate the Top Ten on every digital download chart worldwide.

I have to date over 17 releases/remixes on Beatport - four of which have been featured. I have had a track included on an Ibiza compilation and one on Minimal Anthems compilation and have been lucky enough to be signed to Whartone Records.

This success has all been made possible with the help of cloud9 studios and I look forward to working with them in the coming years, be it recording, engineering or mastering"

Jason Young

(Whartone Records)

""We've grew up working at Cloud9 Studios and would recommend them highly to anyone, great prices and quality all round, For more advanced producers check out their online mastering facilities "

Walsh & McAuley

(Armada Music)

"I had been looking for a studio to demo a collection of songs i had been writing the previous year and was alerted to Cloud 9 Studios in Queen Street by a DJ Kristian Nairn. Kristian had just finished supporting Scissor Sisters in Belfast and thought Cloud 9 would be just what i was looking for. It turned out he was entirely right!

I immediately scrapped the idea of demos and found myself embarking on recording my solo album!

Cloud9 Studios is a complete digital studio in the perfect location of Belfast city centre. Graeme Laverty has engineered what I consider to be a superior sounding album. His knowledge and skill have helped nurture and extract songs that were little more than a few chords into well constructed soundscapes

I haven’t hesitated to recommend Cloud9 to many of my friends since starting my album, from DJ’s to other vocalists and musicians and film makers who have needed other session musicians involved in their projects – sourced by Cloud9

I want to recommend Cloud9 highly to anyone out there who might have scraps of ideas and need help making them into complete songs. The expertise and technology available is second to none! You will not regret it."

Robert Brown

(Solo Artist / Ex Bearforce1)

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