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Q:  I'm a total beginner and am very nervous about getting into production - what do I do?

A: Don't panic for a second, the whole process of producing your own music can be very easy if you are working with qualified studio engineers. Our staff work with you every step of the way, you have no need to even press a button

Q:  How long will it take to make my first production?

Q:  What do I need to bring to my recording session?

A:  This will really depend on what style of project you plan to record. Musicians will need to bring guitars, sticks, plectrums, strings if required, drum skins and any lyrics that may be required. We can also provide lyrics to any cover song on the planet if required.

For electronic dance music producers who are touching up bedroom productions we will speak to you in good time before your session to advise you on what you may need to bring.

If you are producing with us from scratch on a dance music production all you will need to bring is some reference music that you currently like. This will give our engineers the general idea of what musical direction you wish to produce.

Q:  Can you compose backing tracks for songs I have written?

A:  Yes, our producers and composers have many years experience in music productions and can compile backing tracks in any musical genre required.

Q:  Does your advertised studio rate include engineer?

A:  Yes, our engineers are there to do all the button pushing for you. You can relax safe in the knowledge that your music will receive the professional attention that it deserves.

Q:  Are there any hidden costs involved in my sessions?

A:  No. The rates that you see are inclusive of everything. We provide CDR or file upload facilities for your finished projects free of charge


Q: What actually happens in the studio?

A: We will greet you with a glass of bubbly (Hen/stag only unless specifically requested), we then show you around the studio and explain the process of recording your song. Next, you will have your photograph professionally taken in the studio for your personalised CD. After that we get you into the vocal room, take you through a practise of the song and then begin recording. Once you have nailed your song you can sit back and relax as our engineer does all the mixing, producing and finishing touches to your song.

Q: Can I do any song I like?

A: We provide the backing music to  any song that you might want to record.

Q: How long does it take to do one song?

A: For gift experiences we usually have the song recorded in 40 minutes with time left over for post-production. How quickly you nail the recording depends on how much you have practised and how well you know your song.

Q: Can we bring our own food and drink?

A: A bottle of bubbly is given as a complimentary gift for hen/stag parties. You are welcome to bring along your own food and drinks also. We will supply glasses and bowls/plates for nibbles.

Q: When do we have to make our song choice(s)?

A: Please try to give us at least 3 days to prepare your song, especially for more obscure song choices.

Q: Do I need to bring/ prepare anything before my session?

A: No, we have everything you need for your recording but to get the most out of your experience we recommend that you practise your song before coming into the studio.

A: Every track or song is different in terms of timescale. For electronic dance music we believe that the bare minimum of time that it should take to create the strong foundation for a track is 4 hours. But also bear in mind that we have created many tracks and remixes in 2-3 hours that have went on to get signed to some of the biggest record labels in the world.

Recording live band work is an entirely different concept as it may require multiple takes and the recording of seperate instruments.