Audio mastering is the final step in making a recording sound “like a record”.


It is an essential process toward producing a recording on par with professional standards.

A properly mastered recording will greatly improve songs by smoothing out sonic irregularities, improving the overall presence, and maximizing volume consistently across a track.

Often subtle EQ is employed to clean up a muddy low end, to add extra sparkle, or to reduce piercing highs.


Mastering can also include performance editing and reduction in “digitalness”.  Mastering can be the difference between your project sounding like a demo and becoming a ready-for-radio play release.


If you want to sound like the music the major labels are currently putting out, you need your music to be properly mastered.  




Usually a lot can be done to improve the mix and overall desirability of a song.

The music industry is a very demanding and competitive market. If you want your music to compete for a slice of the radio station market, record store plays, and the homes of the music buying public, it has to sound professional.

Mixing & Mastering

Why should I use Cloud 9 to master my song(s)?